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Lymes’ Heritage Cookbook

The Lymes’ Heritage Cookbook
Edited by Elizabeth Meriwether Schuler
Softcover: 306 pages
Publisher: Lyme Historical Society (1991)
Product Size: 0.8 x 6 x 9 inches

Old Lyme and Lyme, two towns at the mouth of the Connecticut River, were basically agricultural communities until recent years. In keeping with that tradition, the Lyme Historical Society presents this beautiful and nostalgic cookbook, illustrated with the bucolic works of Thomas Nason (1889-1971), a Lyme resident for more than 30 years. With over 500 recipes and thoroughly indexed for ease of use, this cookbook is a carefully chosen collection of favorite recipes that will appeal to both expert and novice cooks.

Emphasis is on New England dishes, some very old, that are adapted to modern tastes, cooking methods, and ingredients. All recipes have been tested and are introduced with a few descriptive words that tell something about the area, its history, people, and the environment. In addition, there are three special chapters on activities that were typical of the area—shad bakes, smoking bluefish, and cooking in beehive ovens. If you like to cook, this book offers enticing, easily followed, accurate recipes and delightful reading about life in the Lymes today and in years gone by.