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A World Observed: The Art of Everett Longley Warner

A World Observed: The Art of Everett Longley Warner (1877-1963)
By Helen K. Fusscas

Softcover: 48 pages
Publisher: Lyme Historical Society, Florence Griswold Museum (1992)
ISBN: 978-1-880897-10-2
Product Size: .187 x 8.5 x 11 inches

This catalogue was published to accompany a traveling exhibition of the same name. It began at the Florence Griswold Museum (June 6 – August 9, 1992), went to Westmoreland Museum of Art (August 30 – October 25, 1992) and ended at the Center Gallery of Bucknell University (November 16, 1992 – January 26, 1993).

Everett Longley Warner was an artist whose life was devoted to the exploration of visual phenomena in the broadest possible terms.  During his singular career, he not only produced an impressive body of paintings, watercolors, and etchings, but he worked as an art critic; wrote persuasively about the science of perspective and optics as applied to such varied subjects as highway markings and gallery lighting; served his country during both world wars designing naval camouflage; and distinguished himself as a fine teacher.

Features historic photos of Warner throughout his life along with 38 black and white images, and 10 full color plates.